South Africa Journal: The Game Preserve

The lodge is a contrast of extreme worlds…outside, the rugged bush— zebras, giraffes, lions live in their wild habitat roaming freely, oblivious to the touches of luxury that follow our every move. How would you like your kudu meat prepared, what brand of gin in your tonic, how about a roaring fire in your room and fuzzy hot water bottle for your feet? Lunch on the veranda with the bush landscape panorama designed for your viewing pleasure, a repast meticulously prepared with the freshest papaya and tangy goat cheese atop arugula salad, hot fresh bread of course and custard cake with drizzles of fudge sauce decorating the creme anglaise topping.

On the dusk game drive lions stalk a crash of rhinos coming close enough to the jeep to provide a hit of adrenal, as we snuggle under hooded fleece ponchos and sip sundowner drinks from silver goblets. High ceilings, thatched roofs and primitive animal sculptures complement geometric woven baskets on the walls, bison skin rugs on the floor. A handsome guide to satisfy every inquiry from Pleistocene geologic formations to the rutting habits of the steenbok. After the game drive, the attentive staff lines up to greet us with warm wet towels, take our orders and query our every need…

Perhaps tomorrow we’ll see a pride of lions, a tower of giraffes, a parade of elephants, a dazzle of zebras or an implausibility of wildebeests—you can’t make this stuff up!

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